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Friday, January 21, 2011

Rajasthan is famous for its historical and cultural heritage. There are many ancient forts, palaces and marvellous havelis which tell so much about its history and culture. There are many true historical stories about the bravery of  its people. The Rajasthan tribes constitutes about 12% of its total population.
Many tribes such as Bhils and Minas have dominated in major parts of Rajasthan from the time of Rajput rule. Besides these tribes there are other small tribes also. The Rajasthan tribes have their own originality in their costumes, jewelry, fairs and festivals like other tribes of India.

Popular  RajasthanTribes and Nomads:
Sahariyas are jungle dwellers. They are regarded as the most backward  Rajasthan tribe.  Originally, these people are believed to be Bhils. These people are mostly living in the main areas of south eastern Rajasthan in Dangarpur, Kota and Swaimadhopur.  They are mostly farmers, fisherman and hunters.
This is the second biggest  Rajasthan tribe. Minas are originally inhabitants of Indus Valley Civilization. Both women and men in this tribe generally possess athletic body built, sharp features and big eyes. They have mostly thick lips and a light brown complexion. They are presently found in eastern part of state in Shekawati belt of Rajasthan. They have been solemnizing the child marriages for many years.
Bhils are the highest percentage  Rajasthan tribe. They have their main dwelling in Banswara area. These people are famous for their skills in arching from the ancient history and  in famous epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. In past their main occupation was to collect the food. Gradually, they had switched over to  small farming for their livelihood. You can explore their cultural pursuits in Baneshwar fair every year in  January and February to see their identity.
Gadiya Lohars:
Gadiya Lohars  are also famous as martial Rajput Rajasthan tribes. Gadiya Lohars are  wandering blacksmiths tribe that is named after their gorgeous bullock carts named as “gadis”. Initially, they migrated from their homeland when  Mughal Emperor Akbar had ousted Maharana Pratap from Chittorgarh during his reign.
Garasias are another small Rajput Rajasthan tribe residing in Mount Abu Road area of Udaipur District in Damors of Dungarpur in southern Rajasthan. Other places where Gadhiya lohars are found are Kathodi and Rabaris in Mewar region.  There are Meo and Banjaras who are always travelling from  place to place and never stay at a particular location.
There are other Rajasthan tribes also, which include Kathodi (found in Mewar region),Sansi  and Kanjar.
Dance and Music:
Rajasthan tribes like other tribes of India are mostly involved in their traditional folk dance and music. Music is basically a part of their lives. Folklores, folktales and other folk music is very common in Pindwara in Sirohi, Khewara in Udaipur and Bali and Desuri in Pali districts. This music is common on special celebrations and events. Ghasai tribe performs their  Walar folk dance as original Ghoomar which is most famous dance of Rajasthan. The other popular dance form is Bhil dance where participants travel village to village. The dance costumes are very attractive and colourful with traditional jewellery and actions with Thali and Mandal.
Tribal Festivals
You can rejoice the spectacular and elegant dance and music of Rajasthan tribes  when you visit tribal villages during a festival  season.  The famous  tribal festivals are Baneshwar fair of Bhils and Summer Festival celebrated  in Mount Abu,  which is  dedicated to  culture and folk activities of  Rajasthan tribes.
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