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Friday, January 21, 2011

Fatehpur Sikri

Your travel to Agra is not over without visiting  this place.
This was a fortified city with its inspiring gateways and glorious palaces built with red sandstone. The city was deserted after few years.

You cannot exclude to see the important architectural monuments and palaces of queens here when you come to travel to Agra. The Divan-e-Khas was a huge room having an intricately carved middle pillar and capital supported a platform used to hold the emperor’s throne. You can see galleries linking the corners of this room where the ministers in his court used to sit. The Panch Mahal is a storied pyramidal style mahal that was used by the ladies of the court.
The Buland Darwaza has additional charm to see when you travel to Agra. It is a majestic gateway that was built to commemorate Akbar’s Aligarh University, a center for Islamic studies.

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