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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Laboni Beach,Patenga and Fouzdarhat Sea Beaches-Explore the Natural, Historical and Cultural Attractions of Bangladesh

Laboni beach
Laboni Beach is the main beach of Cox's Bazar and is considered the main beach due to the fact that it is closest to the town.

Laboni beach at cox's bazar

Patenga beach is about 22 km. from Chittagong and is approachable by a motorable road. On the way to the beach, one passes the Patenga Airport. Another ideal picnic spot is the Fouzdarhat sea-beach about 16 km. from Chittagong. Patenga sea beach is one of the major attractions of Chittagong for the tourists. Besides the sea beach, you can enjoy boating and river cruise in the River Karnaphuli. You can see the busy seaport activities here.

Photo Scene Patenga and Fouzdarhat Sea Beaches

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