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List of mountains of Bangladesh

Tazing Dong

Another peak that is sometimes claimed to be the highest peak of Bangladesh is nearby Tazing Dong (sometimes spelled as Tahjingdong, and also known as Bijoy). It has been claimed to be 1,280 metres. Its exact location is unclear but neither Russian topographic

mapping nor SRTM data show anything in the area exceeding 1,000 metres.

There are three peaks in that area known as Thajindong (Lungphe Tuang in US army 1:250K topo map and Russian 1:200k topo map). A local trekker team measured the heighest two peaks and found the middle one (N 21° 49' 16.20" - E 92° 32' 11.61") is 871m (3m accuracy) and higher than the other peak which was at N 21° 48' 58.17" - E 92° 31' 49.87" with 829m (accuracy 3m) measured height.. A different measurement done by another team using Garmin GPS shows the height of the other peak as 829.66m with 3m accuracy.


Although it is widely reported to be the highest point in Bangladesh at 1230 metres, recent SRTM data, GPS readings and Russian topographic mapping show that its true height is less than 1,000 metres.
On the top of Keokradong there is a small shelter and a signboard put up by the Bangladeshi military proclaiming the altitude to be 3172 feet. Garmin GPS recorded 974 metres (3196 feet) at this location, a
different team measured 986m with 3m accuracy by GPS [2], a measurement consistent with Russian topographic mapping and SRTM data. It is at 21°57′00″N 92°30′53″E / 21.95°N 92.51472°E / 21.95; 92.51472. USGS and Russian mapping dispute the claim that this is the location correctly named Keokradong; they show Keokradong at an 883m summit further north.

 Mowdok Mual

The true high point of Bangladesh is a summit in the Mowdok range called Mowdok Mual or Saka Haphong[ (locally also known Saka Haphong), on the border with Myanmar. In February 2006 a GPS reading of 1,064 metres was recorded on this summit by English adventurer Ginge Fullen. The location he recorded, 21°47′11″N 92°36′36″E / 21.78639°N 92.61°E / 21.78639; 92.61, accurately matches the location given by Russian topographic mapping and SRTM data, although these sources show its height to be slightly lower, at 1,052 metres.

 Saka Haphong

Saka Haphong is a mountain on the Bangladesh and Myanmar border in Bangladesh. Recently two trekking clubs counted the height of "Saka Haphong" as 3,488 and 3,461 feet respectively. Any of these two figure would make it the highest mountain in Bangladesh exceeding the height of Keokaradong, which is 3,172 feet high.

 Rang Tlang

The second highest peak is in "Rang Tlang".It is 3200+ feet in Google earth reading. Third place is about 10 km south of the Saka Haphong. Keokradong may be the fourth.

Sippi Arsuang

Sippi Arsuang measured by a local group located at N 22°11′03.43″ E 92°29′01.57″ with height 896m (15m accuracy). In US Army 1:250k topo map this peak is shown as Ramju Taung with a height of 3016feet and in Russian 1:200k topo map it is shown as 917m.
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