Thursday, September 9, 2010

Khagrachari-Explore the Natural, Historical and Cultural Attractions of Bangladesh


Khagrachari- the hilltop town:
Khagrachhari is the natural wild beauty of Bangladesh. Khagrachari, a district in south-eastern Bangladesh. Local name is "Chengmi" and also known as Phalang Htaung or the Mong Circle . It is the district headquarters of Khagrachari hill district.

Nature of khagrachari

A drive of 112 Km. from Chittagong, by an all-weather metalled road through the green forest brings one to khagrachari, abode of fascinating calm. For the torists seeking nature in restful mood, Khagrachari is an ideal spot. It has three river namely Chengi, Kasalong and Maini

Khagrachhari: there are many tourist spot here:
1) Alutila Hill
2) Sapchari waterfall in Khagrachari
3) Mung Rajbari
4) Guimara
5) Old tea Garden
6) Matai Pukhiri
7) Sacred Place
8) Goddess Pond
9) Sindukchhari Pond
10) Buddhist Monastery
11) Ramgarh Forests
12) Ramgarh Hills & Tilas
13) Lakshmichhari Waterfalls
14) Sharthok

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