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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Keokradong-Explore the Natural, Historical and Cultural Attractions of Bangladesh


Keokradong is considered the second highest peak in Bangladesh, height is 1,230 metres (4,035 ft), is located on the border between Bangladesh and Burma.

Visitors, willing to visit the peak, must go there on foot from Baga lake under Ruma.
With help of the local guide anybody can reach there by crossing hilly high terrace from Ruma Upazilla Head quarter. The scenery of these hilly impassable roads is really very pleasant. It is actually located near Thaikhong para of the Remacri Mouja. Tow hours time is required to reach Keokradong from Boga Lake

How to reach here? 
1) Dhaka to Bandarban by Bus at 9:00 p.m / 9:00 a.m at Kamalapur 
2) Bandarban to Kakhong Jhirdi, Ruma by local Jeep at the Fare of Tk.2000
 3) Kakhong Jhirdi to Ruma by country boat . 
4) Ruma to Boga Lake by Jeep at the fare of Tk . 1800 
5) Boga Lake to Tazingdong on foot
REMEMBER: THERE IS NO ACCOMDATION HERE. BUT YOU CAN SEE THERE at a Para on foot of this Kaokaradong peak named " Darjeeling Para " also called ‘Tribal Village' . You can stay there but it is not comfortable. Here is no Mobile Network, No restaurant, also no good road communication (rasta ghat) is there. Avoid to go there in rainy season . Because in Reainy season, it will be very dangerour to climb on peak.

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